CRM Integration

CRT Integration

CRM integration refers to connecting your website and your CRM to function together in a seamless fashion.

  • Lead Nurturing & Marketing Automation

    As we discuss in deeper detail on the topic of ROI (link to that page), the ability to measure the value of your online marketing investment through tangible revenue analysis is critical to assuring the accuracy of your targeting and the effectiveness of your messaging.

    What was once facilitated with a massive Rolodex and skyscraping file cabinets has evolved into a software platform known as ‘customer relationship management’ – or ‘CRM’ for short.   While the CRM is a multi-faceted item (the repository for all customer information), for the purpose of online marketing.

  • What can it do for me?

    CRM integration with your website enables complete visibility into all aspects of your online marketing results – simplifying review while streamlining the sales process as leads come in through your site.  In most cases, you'll be able to identify how the lead arrived at your site,  pinpoint when they visited, what they looked at, where else they visited and what information they requested - all viewable in a single area!  And when the lead becomes an opportunity, you can easily track it as it moves through the pipeline to closed revenue!

  • Benefits of CRM Integration:

    • Improve lead nurturing – increase sales
      The knowledge you can pass to the sales team will give them the leg up on your competitors
    • Increase  targeted marketing efficiency
      Knowing the origins of your leads and their categorized contributions to your pipeline and closed revenue, you will increase profitability and better position for long-term success and continued growth
    • Easily identify lead sources
      CRM Integration means that you can distinguish between organic, paid, referral, and direct site traffic
      You will have the ability to identify the search engine, the actual query, the applicable ad campaign, ad group, keyword and site (if applicable) which generated the lead