Frequently Asked Questions

Display advertising is a very powerful, but very complex and dimensionality advertising platform.

Contextual Targeting

Using contextual targeting, we can automatically place your ad on sites based on keywords, topics, or both. We can also use combinations of topics to contextually match your ads to a page’s concepts, or to the browsing history of users as they traverse the web.

Interest Categories

You can advertise every day to hundreds of millions of users interested in over 30 predefined top level interest categories and over 1,600 subcategories. The great thing about ads using interest categories is that they can reach users associated with these categories with relevant ads, even when they’re visiting totally unrelated websites. So if a user who has been browsing for a new printer takes a break to read a news site or favorite fashion blog, a printer company can still reach that user with ads about printers.

Managed Placements

Using specific placements on the Google Display Network, we can strategically place ads in locations relevant to your products or services, or we can maximize ROI by assigning a specific budget to a site proven to be performing well already. A managed placement can be an entire website, an app, certain pages from a site, or even an individual ad unit that you specifically choose to show your ad on.