Landing Page Development

You can look at the creation of your campaign and all that goes with it as one side of the equation. On the other end is your landing page. The balance between these opposite ends of your promotion will determine your success is numerous ways. At Core and More Technologies, we have literally done years of extensive research on what makes an effective landing page.

Success, or Failure

A landing page is your value proposition. This is where you speak directly to your customers. Your landing page must reinforce while also extending the message of your ads. It was that message that motivated the user to click your ad. This creates an expectation. Not fulfilling that expectation will result in almost certain failure. On the other hand, creatively expanding upon that message will not only position you for a successful result – it will also drive down the amount you pay on a per click basis. Landing page development is an art, not a science. And its impact on your overall online marketing effort is far reaching and touches all success metrics.