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Social Media Marketing

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A rising percentage of purchases are being driven by “word of mouth” recommendations.  With the arrival of social media, that phrase has taken on a whole new meaning.  People love to share content.  Good content adds value to the web.  Good content can and often will be shared exponentially, until it becomes replicated out across the web based upon interest – and not upon the level of a marketing expenditure.  This is what we call going ‘viral’.   It is the true art of modern day marketing.

Social Media Marketing done right taps into what Jeff Jarvis called the ‘inverse relationship between control and trust’.  At Core and More Technologies, we have developed creative ways to help you establish a position of trust and thought leadership across social media channels.

  • Law of Attraction

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    For anyone who has yet to have noticed, social media has become a far-reaching and cost-effective marketing tool. This is not only through the sheer volume of its overall growth. That is actually one of many secondary drivers. The primary source of power here is what Jeff Jarvis refers to as the “New Attitude” – the main ingredient of which is the inverse relationship between control and trust . Think about that. Digg has been so successful because they handed the trust over to the user. One of the key reasons for the success of Facebook is the attraction. We are seeing, feeling things that are of genuine interest to us - because data is naturally being distributed to us according to our interests, our relationships, and our choosing. The same can be said of Twitter and any other social media outlet.

    They all may deliver a different service, but they all have one key theme in common: It is better to attract than to promote.

    This is not to say that traditional marketing practices are obsolete. However, marketing through social media is much different than marketing through trade publications, newspapers, television ads, or even your own website. There is an etiquette that must be understood, respected, and appreciated. In many respects, the innovation that social media has introduced has brought about a higher level of quality and honest expression. The highest bidder with the deepest pockets does not win here. It is the best product as espoused by the highest volume of users that wins - public opinion and empowerment have prevailed!

    At Core and More Technologies, we do not create ad campaigns to propagate across social media sites and call that "social media marketing". Rather, we help you to extend your brand, to strengthen your reputation and to demonstrate thought leadership for the products you sell and the markets you serve. We will help you to produce an interactive and real-time dialogue that brings you closer to your customers - and them closer to you - by making them your fans on Facebook, your followers on Twitter, or your subscribers on YouTube.   This is something that all companies must do now.

    –Marissa Mayer – then Google Vice President of Products

    Above was the advice given by Marissa Mayer, then Google Vice President of Search Products in 2006 at Stanford University in response to a question about building new products and networks.  “We worry a lot about whether or not we have users”, because on the web “money follows consumers”.

    Does this insight predict the tidal wave of social media success that soon followed?  The new web mantra is all about the inverse relationship between control and trust.  It is to forgo paying for marketing and instead creating something so good that users want to distribute it – this is what we call ‘going viral’. 

    Once it is big (with the volume defined by the number of users and NOT the amount of revenue), then it can find the revenue – be it through advertising charges, the power shift at the bargaining table with distributors, or some other side door for revenue. 

    Core and More Technologies knows how to build your following, influence decision making, and help you attain a rightful position of thought leadership for your industry.

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