From search to display advertising and across tablets, mobile devices and desktops, Core and More Technologies helps customers achieve online marketing success by connecting them with their target audience with the right message, and at the right time.

Effective online marketing is not easy to accomplish.  While there are very powerful tools to help drive success, knowing how to use these tools and how to translate market research into profitable results is where we come in.

There are 3 traits that can make or break your online marketing promotion.

Number 1, your online marketing campaigns must all “be in it together”.  The support that one approach lends to another cannot be underestimated.

Number 2, each campaign must be balanced against itself while also being mutually supportive and internally consistent with the customers’ vertical marketing goals.

Number 3, the value proposition of the product or service you are promoting must be very clear and easy to understand.

The solutions we list below shows how we have brought together some of the best and brightest talent from around the industry.  We offer a one-stop shop, turnkey solution for all of your online marketing needs.

Global Enterprise

Global Enterprise

Reputable research firms predict that digital advertising spend will exceed that of all print advertising spend combined by the end of 2015.

This makes sense, as there are now 1.9 Billion internet users in the world today. That number, coupled with the pace of innovation of internet marketing technology, predicts the future. Now is the time to lead your organization into the 21st Century!


Small / Medium Business (SMB)

A digital marketing strategy done right will reduce cost while significantly increasing visibility and effective messaging on a local, regional or global scale. Our team of expert marketers, developers, and designers become on extension of your internal marketing team. Not only that, our reporting and CRM integration services ensure that you know exactly how much pipeline and revenue is being generated and from what source it is coming from.