Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Building for long-term visibility and high visitor engagement

While paid search advertising enables instant and far reaching visibility, organically developed optimizationOtherwise known as ‘Search Engine Optimization’, or SEO for short of your website  is a required component for a robust internet marketing strategy.

It has been proven and validated time and time again that top 3 ranking on queries relevant to your products, services or the industry or target markets that you serve is the single most valuable asset of your overall web presence.

We can all agree that Google is the great relevance engine of our time. That said, some people feel that organic search results represent the listings of those who have earned visibility through the long-term development of their offerings to your query.  In other words, they match your query because your query matches them.  Viewed this way, SEO is not advertising at all…

That is why at Core and More Technologies, we turn the SEO approach of our competitors on its head.  And the results speak for themselves.  In 2012, our Customers averaged upwards of 63 percent overall annual traffic gains. For the fourth quarter, average overall site traffic was up 33 percent over the same period in 2011. And a primary driver was traffic generated through organic search queries. Organic traffic was up 46 percent annually and showed a fourth quarter average gain of 50 percent over 2011. This also represents average gains of 96 percent over 2010. With a customer average of over 50,000 site visitors per month, these numbers are significant.

  • Keyword Ideation Process

    Our ‘Keyword Ideation Process’ is really our secret sauce.  It applies to both our paid search promotional offerings, as well as our organic SEO services.

    Our expert marketing team begins by conducting a thorough review of your marketing goals and the promotion being considered.  This consists of consumer analysis, market analysis, competitive analysis, and distribution channel analysis.  Knowing this information – we blend our global online marketing expertise and trend analysis into the marketing mix.   This enables us to harvest sets of keywords and to then theme those keywords into tightly knit groups.   The result is a concentrated yet distinctive marketing attack whose success is predetermined.  Our keyword ideation process WORKS.

  • On-Page Optimization

    On-Page Optimization is a key element when it comes to search engine marketing. A page is like an artwork. And a properly developed page will NOT compromise content in the interest of seeking higher rankings across search engines.

    Consider this: Google's core product is search. For the Google product (or any other search engine for that matter) to be the best it can be, it must return the most relevant possible results on any given search query. Content written solely to rank high in the search engines does a disservice to all search engines. We have developed proven methods which enable us to strike the perfect balance between content and optimization.

  • Website Auditing

    Our page optimization process begins with a full audit of your entire website. This audit enables us to employ dozens of little-known but entirely legitimate SEO tweaks. 

    This comprehensive audit enables us to layout the entire schema of your website right before your eyes. We then analyze and optimize your site as an entire system. This process helps to:

    • Make your website more coherent in terms of structure and navigation
    • Build Google XML Sitemaps to boost site transparency across all search engines
    • Optimize the content of every page on your website
    • Accelerate visibility increases across all major search engines
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