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Founding Story

Founded by Andrew Young in 2010, Core and More Technologies has emerged as a leading global provider of internet marketing, website design & development, and marketing automation services. Comprised of the best and brightest talent from around these industries, we stop at nothing to exceed expectations.

Google Certified Partner since 2011, we have been recipients of numerous industry accolades and awards. In August of 2013, Core and More Technologies was recognized by a leading independent analysis firm as a top 10 worldwide internet marketing provider. In early 2016, we achieved the distinction of being named a Google Premier Partner. In May of 2016, we were recognized by CIOReview magazine in their list of the 20 most promising Google solution providers.

Our growing list of clients includes major customers in California, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, Canada, and the EU. Our growth has been directly proportional to our talent pool, scaling up through purely organic re-investment funded by increases in our own revenues. This has enabled us to remain efficiently lean. At the same time, we have expanded our offerings and streamlined our value chain to meet customer demand more rapidly, thereby strengthening our value proposition.

Mission Statement

At CMT, we are always seeking to strengthen our offerings and increase value for our customers. Our customers always become partners to us. We often act as the virtual marketing arm of the company. Through an unwavering commitment to complete transparency, we find that we are able to meet customer demand more rapidly which in turn helps to not only boost performance but also to expand our strategic partner opportunities. An integral part of our customer philosophy is our consistent commitment to service and support. Exceeding the financial return objectives of our clients and partners is one measure of success here. The relationship is also very valuable to us.

The Core Team
Andrew Young
Andrew Young
Sam Brougher
Chief Operating Officer
Head of SEO
Umesh Bhatia
Chief Technology Officer
Ryan Handel
Ryan Handel
Digital Marketing Analyst
SEM and E-Commerce Manager
SEO Strategist
SEM Strategist
Alexandra Rodriguez
Accounting Manager
Joann Stecca
Paid Search Strategist
Christine Anez
SEM Digital Marketing Manager
Charlene Delport
Marketing and Design Visualist
Partner Program

The tremendous success that Core and More Technologies has enjoyed is directly proportional to the results we have helped our customers to achieve. Through our partner program, Core and More Technologies offers proven methodologies and efficient processes to unrelated vendors and competitors alike. Two distinct groups benefit from our partner program:

Vendors providing ancillary web services (such as content development) who would like to expand their solution suite without hiring the necessary resources immediately.

Direct competitors of internet marketing services with a need to quickly and cost-effectively expand their available pool of resources.

Through Core and More Technologies, vendors can accelerate both their SEO and PPC campaign deployments – enabling them to place more focus on their own strategic planning and growth objectives while also meeting customer demand more rapidly. Together, we can truly set the pace for digital marketing innovation in a fiercely competitive marketplace.

Our Partners


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    Google Premier Partner

    In 2016, Google expanded its Partner Program by introducing their Premier Partner Program, an exclusive designation to differentiate the top tier partner agencies. Only the top 3% of agencies achieve this status. Instead of trying to determine who’s legit and who’s just trying to make some money, simply turn to Google for a list of Premier Partners who represent the best of the best in the business.

    Consider this: in a marketplace cluttered with companies claiming the ability to provide almost unbelievable results overnight, it is more important than ever to be very selective when choosing your internet marketing and website development provider. To become a Premier Google Partner, companies must invest time and training, demonstrating highly profitable ongoing internet marketing results for their current customers while also showing the growth and expansion which accompanies such success. Core and More Technologies is very proud to have achieved this acknowledgment from Google, who remains the world’s #1 search engine with upwards of 85% of global market share.

    "Core and More understands how to partner with its customers. They’re patient, but they also know how to lead. And they’re not afraid to innovate."

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