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A roof is one of the most important parts of a house or commercial building, yet roofing is often one of the most neglected aspects of home maintenance. R&C Roofing is a roofing contractor that specializes in roof repair and replacement, and they were looking for a complete digital improvement. Finding us via Google search, they were looking for a brand new website, social media services, and any other forms of promotions that we could bring to the table to help them beat their competitors and generate efficient lead volume. After about six months of discussions, they decided to go with us. Within thirty days of having made that decision, their CEO called us directly and wondered aloud where they might have been already had they simply chosen to get started with us sooner. We loved the sound of that! Roofing marketing is essential for any roofing company that wants to stay competitive, and we're proud to have helped R&C Roofing reach their goals.


With a website presence that was sorely lacking, no social media presence at all, and no search engine presence to speak of even when searching against their brand -- R&C Roofing really needed a company that was willing to go the extra mile and to truly grow with them, to win their trust, and to collaborate and guide them to achieve the highest yet most efficient results that they could.  The Central Florida area, from Jacksonville to Orlando and including Kissimmee as well as St. Augustine is a hyper-competitive area for roofing companies, making it all the more important to build a web presence that included all aspects of rock solid search engine optimization (SEO) from the very outset of the project. When we say 'web presence', we are not just talking about on-site SEO, but the omni-channel considerations of SEO including Google My Business profiles and relevant backlinks.

Google My Business


We got right to work building a beautiful and effective new website. The collaboration was consistent, and the progress was fairly rapid. Primarily targeting six zip codes across Central Florida, we also had to consider the actual types of roofing services being offered as well as how our client was different from their competitors in the way that said services were being delivered. Underlying the overall effort was an intensive search engine optimization (SEO) consideration namely for initial on-page optimization.  Part of this is the necessity to place an emphasis upon the long-term performance of the new site as it continues to expand and scale, and therefore me needed to be mindful of Google’s Page Experience Algorithm updates.

Once their new website was launched, we brought to life an omni-channel digital marketing strategy that included paid search across Google and Bing, a social media program that spanned all major social platforms, a powerful Google Local Service Ads program, and a content marketing plan to support global search engine optimization (SEO) expansion, as well as the execution of the overall SEO strategy. All of this, while at the same time laying the groundwork for full reporting accuracy through our own lead generation portal tracking system – which we needed to fully integrate with their existing CRM investment.  “Fully integrate” meaning that we created reciprocal and automated updating – e.g., if a lead was pushed from our system into the CRM, and then one of their sales personnel added a quote value and ultimately a sales value – those values would then automatically push back to and populate the originating document.  That empowered us to have the ongoing ability to make fully informed decisions about any and all campaign optimization with a full funnel snapshot of data, rather then just operating off of otherwise unqualified leads. We could hence facilitate optimizations based upon actual pipeline and revenue and in a fashion that was (and is) granular right down to the keyword level.

On-page SEO began to immediately bear fruit, but we also launched into a full backlink and content development process.  The primary beneficiary of this were visitors to their new website.  By way of their new blog, our highly experienced SEO team rolled up their sleeves and dug down deep to create a consistency of ongoing blog posts covering a wide variety of topics that were not only relevant to issues of the industry-at-large but also to the specific challenges of the residents within and around the areas that R&C Roofing Serves. 

The Results

Keeping it in context, over an three month span we built a completely new website, set them up to dominate their locations through the use of Google Local Service Ads and Google Ads, and established a world-class and 100% accurate reporting system. Then, within three more months since the website launch we saw on a year over year traffic analysis the following:

  1. Organic: +155%
  2. Social: up 12x
  3. Paid: +619%
  4. Referral: +560%
  5. Direct: +213%

In addition to that, during the months that followed we continued to see improving performance. Overall traffic continued to increase at a rate of approximately 213% on average over the ensuing six months. At the same time, organic conversion rates (CVR) were up 166% YoY and showed similar CVR increases as well.  

Increase of 140% lead volume ALONG WITH a 3.3x increase in quotable leads!

More recently, in mid-2022 amidst what some analysts fear is the outset of a national recession, their numbers have continued to soar. In the past 45 days (from May 1 through 6.14) we have seen an overall increase of 140% in terms of overall lead volume across all channels (that is, SEM, SEO, Social, and LSA’s). At the same time, because we have the ability to report on the actual value of each lead that we generate over time, we know that the total number of quotable leads is also up 329%.  The quotable conversion rate (qCVR) is up an incredible 78.94%.

As part of this, our social media promotions have been running with a qCVR of almost 90%.  

All of these results are industry best, leading to exponential growth and expansion. We congratulate our friends and R&C Roofing.  We will continue to dominate the entire area. Please feel free to contact us today to learn about how we can help you to dominate your area!

R&C Roofing is now one of the leading roofing companies in Central Florida, thanks in large part to our innovative and omni-channel marketing approach. We helped them connect with their target audience through a variety of digital channels, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

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