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Marketing Automation & CRM Integration

Premium CRM and Marketing Automation Services

The marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) system integration team at Core and More Technologies helps you to streamline and automate the monitoring of your sales funnel and turn website traffic into quality leads.  We offer enhanced lead tracking and conversion reporting through native integration with the most up-to-date marketing technologies.  Also, we have developed our own module for lead source identification - SourceCube.

Our CRM and marketing automation experts are ready to track your digital sales process, and make sure you take advantage of the opportunities as they present themselves.  Are you ready? Contact us today!

Marketing Automation & CRM Integration
Making The Most Of Your Marketing Automation And CRM Investments

This is where the rubber hits the road.  If you are a B2B marketer and you are not able to view the results of your campaigns or initiatives through a crystal clear and on-demand lens, you stand to lose market share and hence, money.

We have developed combined and proprietary platforms that enable us to empower you.  Through one dashboard, we can view total visitors, leads, leads converted to opportunities, and opportunities converted to closed revenue.  Learn more about SourceCube today!

Our Process
  • Discover


    Our data analysis team reviews results on a daily basis from multiple source locations.  We look at first touch, last touch, and all points in between so as to help marketers attribute the right value to the right touch point to truly understand the influence that digital marketing activities are having on their campaigns from top to bottom. 

  • Research

    Attribution Modeling

    We build simple, easy-to-understand attribution models that can easily be shared across your company.  These are built to scale and will show you the impact of organic on paid, paid on organic, organic on social, social on organic, social on paid, and many more value points essentially equal to the number of all possible combinations of your digital marketing channels. 

  • Strategy & Design

    Lead Nurturing

    Whether you are seeking to increase emphasis on a specific vertical market, boost volume for a select product, or perhaps create a custom combination of existing priorities to generate more leads and to increase the percentage of those leads that are actually converting to pipeline, our team will bring all of the insight and expertise you need to be successful and with rapid deployment capability.  

Are you ready to boost lead volume and accelerate pipeline growth?

Contact us today, and find out how we can help to bring marketing automation and CRM integration excellence to your company.

Solutions For Your Business
Results-Driven Website Design & Redesign
Customized Email Messaging
Quick to Market Design Approach
Quick to Market Design Approach
Fully Customizable CMS System
Enhanced Digital Lead Generation & Nurturing
Enhanced User Experience
Enhanced User Experience
Analytics & Reporting
Robust Data Reporting & Organization
Optimized for Onsite Conversions
Lead Source Tracking With Our SourceCube Product
SEO Optimization for Maximum Search Visibility
Salesforce & Pardot Integration
Responsive Website Design
Responsive Website Design

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