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    A highly experienced team of legal marketing specialists to rapidly GROW your Law Firm!

    Proven localized search experts – that BEAT the likes of FindLaw and

    We have a highly experienced team, specialized in marketing for law firms. See a recent case study here. We have assembled a group of certified advertising professionals who are completely dedicated to client success. We will drive leads through calls, emails, and local service advertisements. We are a Google Premier Partner, as well as a Microsoft Advertising Partner. We measure and track your leads from inception to close via a dashboard that is fully customized to fit your business. Here, you can track qualified leads, the sum value of those leads, as well as closed revenue. Best of all, you can easily see which channels (paid, organic, social, etc) are directly driving your pipeline and revenue.

    “The team at Core and More Technologies has ushered us into a new era in our marketing strategy in order to obtain new clients. Having tried numerous agencies supposedly dedicated to marketing for law firms, they are the first ones to have actually delivered any positive results for us. They’ve exceeded our expectations. Their team is innovative, dedicated and responsive. Highly recommended.”

    -John Kommer, Managing Director, KB&O Attorneys

    Drive serious leads using the most powerful tools

    Marketing your law firm with the the right team is critical. Every dollar counts. We know what works and, just as importantly, what doesn't work. For example, we recently discovered ways to leverage local service ads to drive quality leads at a cost 25% less than standard search!

    Google Search Ads

    Highly targeted search ads, and our own proven approach to target specific demographics – based upon age of home, or level of income! This is the baseline for marketing your law business.

    A System for Google Reviews

    We will help you to accelerate and maximize the power of Google reviews to achieve 5-star rankings in your Google My Business and organic search engine result listings.

    Google Local Service Ads

    Local service ads reside ABOVE all other ads and at the TOP of the search engine results page. We will get you there WITH 5-star ratings. Best part, you will ONLY pay for legitimate leads!

    Online Marketing for Law Firms!

    Qualified leads through multiple digital channels

    Categorical Lead Gen Pages

    Proven processes for maximum lead generation - customized to your budget

    Personal Injury Lead Gen Pages

    Estate Law Lead Gen Pages

    Family Law Lead Gen Pages

    Elder Law Lead Gen Pages

    Recent Client Case Study

    Our approach for driving leads for law firms has been multi-dimensional and includes search, LSA’s, and other methods. We have driven +43% traffic growth and 300% increases in leads closed with a conversion rate of over 19.5% – while averaging over 55 leads per month!

    Google Local Service Ads for Lawyers!

    Local Services ads (LSA's) help you connect with people who search on Google for the services you offer. Your ads will show up for customers in your service area, and you only pay if a customer calls you directly through the ad.

    Setting up LSA's takes a bit of time. We will guide you through the process, but to ensure that your ads are online for the Spring season, we need to get started as soon as possible. Once live, you will have access to the best real estate Google has to offer for ad placement!

    Earn customers trust with a Google badge

    We help you to become a Google Screened or Google Guaranteed provider and earn a badge for your business based on your industry. A Google badge gives you extra credibility and gives customers more confidence to book your services.

    Only pay for results

    Set your budget and only pay when a customer gets in touch directly from your ad so you can focus on your business.

    Your law business – ORGANIZED

    Every lead form from every page and every piece of marketing – LSA’s, Calls, Chats, Forms, GMB’s. All in ONE PLACE!

    Your law business – INSIGHTS

    Easily create marketing reports, leads by landing page, top keywords and sources – all right at your fingertips

    Your law business – DASHBOARD

    The whole system is like a mini customer relationship management platform. Mark leads as quotable, assign pipeline, and record closed revenue. All of this is sortable by each marketing channel, campaign, or keyword!

    Your law business – SUMMARIZED

    Easily see which methods (whether form, call, chat, etc) and/or channels (SEM, SEO, social, email, etc) are driving the most leads


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