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Kommer Bave & Ollman LLP (KB&O) is a general practice law firm, specializing in personal injury claims and litigation, civil litigation, trusts and estates, elder law, guardianship, special needs planning, business law, family law and real estate transactions. Located in New Rochelle, NY -- their firm has been an integral part of the Westchester County and New Rochelle Communities for more than 30 years.
Over the years, they have accumulated hundreds of enthusiastic clients and an industry-best staff of attorneys –yet they felt that they were not leveraging that hard-earned reputation for maximum exposure across the digital landscape…something that they observed as a similar shortcoming with many of their peers.

Over the years, they had made a number of attempts to improve their online marketing approach, and it was all in vain…a sentiment that was also shared among other firms in the area. Either the leads were very expensive, or they were simply impossible to qualify. Or both. And without having the ability to delineate each prospective client back to their original source, there was never any clear way to determine the real value of the investments being made.

So, they contacted a Google Premier Partner with the skills and industry reputation to help them to get where they wanted to go. That partner was Core and More Technologies.


At Core and More Technologies, we first ensure that the most fundamental ingredient to success is accounted for - that being accurate conversion tracking. As noted, that was never the case for KB&O. As a matter of fact, there was nothing at all in place. And, the considerations were three-fold.

1. Naturally, the firm is not at liberty to disclose the names or the nature of the prospective client leads that we are generating. Unlike other industries, we are not allowed to record calls, or to store personal information, and

2. Conversion tracking in general had never been correctly setup. While they had a serviceable website, there was nothing resident by way of the ability to track and measure the value of the traffic being driven to the site, and finally

3. Obviously, there was no internal process to capture the source of new inquires. Given the circumstances revealed by way of item #1 above, this became a key consideration and required a very precise and granular methodology for any validations to be considered accurate and credible.

So, not only were we tasked with generating new leads/inquiries on a very controlled budget, we also needed to develop our own backend of sorts to assist their management staff in efficiently transforming their digital submissions into actual prospect calls. And the process of tying any new clients back to their original lead sources, or attributing those sources to vetted prospects i.e., pipeline – would need to be a manual one. The good news is, that we have a digital repository to help make it all happen.


Given the fact that KB&O tried paid advertisement though Google previously we knew we had to come up with a solution that not only provided lead generation quickly but also a means to qualify the leads specific to these paid campaigns.

In conjunction with our Google search-based paid campaigns, our team walked through all details of the Local Service Ads (LSA) application process and established key areas of law in within which their attorneys are suited. Once approved, quality lead generation from our LSA’s was instantaneous. 15 quality leads occurred within the first 2 weeks (120+ to date)! This channel provided a digital strategy that is mutually supportive to our search campaigns; not only were our ads showing at the very top of the results page but within the first items among the results as well.

Over the course of time within the LSAs, our team began to see specific areas of law performing much better than others. After conducting a series of adjustments within the bid settings, we were able to push their budget towards the areas that were consistently seeing quality conversions while gearing Google’s algorithm to appear for more sought-after traffic overall. This insight helped us to adjust KB&O’s Google search advertising as well when it came to properly allocating the budget.

Through analyzing the combined tracking of Google ads and our source reporting platform we were able to create and provide reporting that simplified the confirming of lead quality and return on investment (ROI) calculation overall. Because of the number of leads filtering in each day, KB&O was forced to develop their own internal process in tracking these leads — and by combining both of our reporting efforts into one process and maintaining daily communication with KB&O staff regarding all leads generated, we have created a clear process of recognizing closed transactions on a nearly real-time basis. This makes us nimble, while also maximizing the cost-effectiveness of our combined advertising efforts.

“The team at Core and More Technologies has ushered us into a new era in our marketing strategy in order to obtain new clients. Having tried numerous agencies supposedly dedicated to marketing for law firms, they are the first ones to have actually delivered any positive results for us. They’ve exceeded our expectations. Their team is innovative, dedicated and responsive. Highly recommended.”

-John Kommer, Managing Director, KB&O Attorneys

The Results

At this point, we have nearly six months’ worth of data to compare against the previous period and the prior year.

SEM (Since we restarted their digital marketing efforts – about 3.5 months):

LSA (now running since November, 2020):

SEM (First 40 days of 2021 v. Last 40 days of 2020):

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