The most cost-effective, flexible and far-reaching paid search marketing packages available in the industry today!
Approachable Options
Offering companies both large and small flexible options for fully tailored digital marketing promotions.
  • GlobalSphere Ultimate
  • GlobalSphere Pro
Whats Included
Both GlobalSphere packages include the following:

Consumer Analysis

Market Analysis

Competitor Analysis and Industry Research

Distribution Channel Review

Development of the Digital Marketing Mix

Revise and Revisit

GlobalSphere Ultimate and GlobalSphere Pro are both very effective packages. Essentially, GlobalSphere Pro is designed for customers who do not wish to include the Google Display Network in the digital marketing target strategy. Also, the GlobalSphere Pro package includes a lower number of ongoing monthly keyword revisions, and a reduced amount of customer interaction – thereby enabling a lower price point.

As multiple projects are launched, companies both large and small can quickly become faced with significant cost considerations. As the number of campaigns increases, so too does the level of expenditure with Google. GlobalSphere Pro is designed to help customers lower their costs while maintaining the world-class reporting, expert analysis, and ongoing modifications to their campaigns. Best of all, we have designed GlobalSphere to be very flexible. Customers who initiate their promotions using GlobalSphere Ultimate can transition to GlobalSphere Pro for the ongoing reporting/adjustment (maintenance) of their campaigns!

The GlobalSphere Ultimate platform includes 4 campaigns, targeting Google Search & Search Properties and the Google Display Network. To learn more about the Google Display Network and how it can significantly increase the reach and effectiveness of your promotion, see the Display Advertising area of our website. To learn more about GlobalSphere, download the latest brochure now!

GlobalSphere™ Pro

GlobalSphere™ Ultimate

Initial Keyword Set 20 50
Competitor Analysis and Industry Research
SEO Analysis for Selected Keywords
Search Targeting Campaign
Contextual / Interest Category Targeting Campaign
Managed Placements Campaign
Remarketing Campaign
Text Ads
Image, Animated and Flash Ads 9 Per Display Campaign
Multivariate A/B Ad Testing
Landing Page Recommendation/Optimization
CRM Integration Analysis / Recommendation
Dedicated Client Manager
Initial Reporting / Adjustment Period (Days) 60 90
Customized Reporting Structure
Customer Meetings / Review Frequency Monthly* Weekly
Reporting / Adjustment (Maintenance)
Total Monthly Keyword Additions/Modifications 5 20
Additional Ad Creation (Monthly) 2 5
Continued Multivariate A/B Testing
Customer Meetings / Review Frequency Monthly Weekly
* The first month of the GlobalSphere Pro™ package includes weekly meetings
"SourceCube reduced our reporting expenditures by 75%. This allows us to concentrate a much higher percentage of our budget on growth, which has led to a 141% increase in overall lead volume since we went live!"
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