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Bilingva scales up conversions 124% in past three months and 232% YoY with Core and More Technologies


Bilingva is a leading U.S.-based translation services agency. Located in San Francisco, CA. and in business since 2001, they had already grown from a small agency geared to serve local businesses to a global network comprised of over 2,000 skilled linguists. As of now, they provide a full range of translation services in over 100 languages and on a global scale.

Proud of the fact roughly 85% of their client base was derived by word of mouth referrals, they wanted to expand and offer their best-in-class capabilities to the world. So, they contacted a Google Premier Partner with the proven skills and industry reputation to get help them get where they wanted to go. That partner was Core and More Technologies.


When we began looking over their existing accounts, we quickly discovered that the numbers being reported were almost entirely inaccurate. In addition, we found that existing landing pages were not optimized for an experience that would lead to conversions; forms were ‘below the fold’ or, in some cases non-existent. Calls-to-action were not very relevant. And their account keywords, while in many instances applicable – were not backed by well-optimized ads. Also, there were segments of highly relevant keywords that were not included in their campaigns. Not to mention, their site was not 100% mobile friendly and the overall website experience was not optimal.


We needed to completely dismantle the technical underpinnings of their existing reporting model. We did this with very granular detail and, as always, through a singular point of access (Google Tag Manager). During that period, we also sat down with the Bilingva management team and thoroughly reviewed their go-to-market strategy.

Bilingva smartly engaged us to combine a complete search engine optimization (SEO) cleanup and success map with our SEM plans. This enabled for an integrated strategy layered with competitive analysis across more than ten diverse yet related niches. Using Venn diagrams to show the overlap between those niches, and to quantify the overall opportunities in terms of anticipated consumer demand (recent query data) – we built a data-driven recommendation model which, when matched to the aforementioned go-to-market strategy, was designed to present maximum exposure against the terms most relevant to their business.

To complete the picture, we also deployed one of our favorite tools (hotjar) to analyze the trends of website visitors in terms of overall engagement, or lack thereof. We have found that having this additional detail early on in our various digital programs enables us to create efficiencies that are critical to long-term account success. Once our campaigns are live, we have zero runway for error. Hotjar and some other tools that we use (including our digital reporting platform) help to ensure that we are getting maximum value out of all campaigns, as quickly as possible.

“The team at Core and More Technologies has been doing an amazing job for our SEM and SEO campaigns. We have been working with the team since January 2020, and we continue our successful cooperation. Core and More Technologies is a true partner and has gone above and beyond to deliver for us. Right from the outset, we started to see considerable positive results from the critical improvements the team was implementing, and along the way, we gained valuable knowledge and understanding of the process. We also appreciate the team’s individual and detail-oriented approach, regular status meetings and effective, clear communication as well as clarification of each step. To summarize, they hatched and executed a strategy that has proven very successful, top to bottom. We look forward to our continued growth and success.”

-Catherine Neyman, Executive Director , Bilingva

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SEM (Q3 2020 v. Q3 2019):

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