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Genasys, Inc. (NASDAQ: GNSS) is the latest brand variation of Silicon Valley powerhouse LRAD Corporation.  Since 1980, their systems have been in use on a global scale, protecting millions worldwide primarily through their acoustic hailing device product lines.  Knowing of their long-standing reputation of achieving excellence within this specific industry, they turned to Core and More Technologies to help them increase brand awareness, improve site quality, and to develop and execute a long-term, global inbound digital marketing strategy.


At the time, San Diego, CA based Genasys was a brand-new name within an industry where LRAD already had substantial brand equity. LRAD is exclusively a hardware product, while Genasys represents an expansion into the software side of the mass notification/emergency communication industry. But it was not quite that linear; Genasys entails the ability to produce an integrated, holistic emergency response solution within and across indoor, outdoor, and widely dispersed regions. It is a turn-key system that is pliable enough to address the most granular notification needs, yet powerful enough to enable emergency managers to cover thousands of miles of area in one fell swoop.

The challenge for us was to help position Genasys to become ubiquitous as a de-facto industry solution and with messaging that would resonate across numerous market verticals. We also needed to ensure that consumers would be met with an optimal experience upon arriving to their site, with a perfect balance of information and credibility against a blend of lead generation magnets. At the same time, we needed to be able to quantify results across all channels, as their was no integrated CRM and/or marketing automation solution available and existing tagging and tracking was not functioning as desired.


We first worked closely with their management team to ensure that we created a strategy that was internally consistent with their go-to-market strategy and mutually supportive across all digital channels. We then created a full SEO/SEM strategy backed by sophisticated yet simple technical underpinnings and crisp, compelling designs to bring it all to life. Leveraging a combination of products including HotJar, Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize, and Google Analytics, combined with our own proprietary digital tracking system, we deployed a granular, end-to-end and globally accessible reporting platform for Genasys. Said simply, we have forged what has become a very solid partnership built upon the pillars of transparency and trust.

When we deployed our integrated, proven SEO & SEM strategies, we were then able to show return on investment (ROI) in a complete and well-clarified picture — and in a very short period of time. In support of this effort, we deployed numerous landing pages for SEM, pillar (money) pages for SEO, promotional banners, and general UI/UX site improvements. At the same time, we launched a targeted yet aggressive backlink strategy, as well as an overall website content optimization effort touching upon both metadata as well as front-end content that was both compelling and relevant, but also driven by TF-IDF SEO considerations. All the while, we held consistent and ongoing weekly meetings with the internal Genasys team to ensure that everything that we were doing exceeded their expectations and remained aligned with all of their goals and objectives.

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“The team at Core and More Technologies has been amazing. They have truly partnered with us to create a very powerful, and very profitable inbound marketing program. Our ongoing meetings ensure that we stay connected and continue to drive results in a highly competitive marketplace. They always bring new ideas to the table – while also acting as true team players and delivering upon our immediate needs. It is a truly collaborative working relationship, and we look forward to our continued success. ”

-Ricardo Morey, Director of Marketing, Genasys Corporation

The Results

Our success has been a mutually gratifying experience.

Let’s take a look at a small snapshot (Q3 v. Q2) – all non-branded:

SEM (all non-branded):


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