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PersonalRX enjoys a 1,722% return on ad spend after just six months with Core and More Technologies


PersonalRX is a New Jersey based mail order pharmaceutical company dedicated to providing its patients with a level of personalized customer service that is second to none. From its inception in 2009 PersonalRX has always put its patients first by providing each one with a personalized pharmacy care team. Patients of PersonalRX have the unique ability to communicate directly with their team whenever they need; there is no need to stand in line at the pharmacy or explain their medical history each time they see a pharmacist. At PersonalRX patients not only get the personalized service that they deserve, they also get the peace of mind that their medications will always arrive on time, in presorted dose packs, and without issue.

With a desire to scale their company nationally and the knowledge that search engine marketing (SEM) is the most effective way to penetrate new markets, PersonalRX embarked upon a journey to find a reputable and innovative SEM agency that could help them achieve their goals. After an extensive search, PersonalRX chose to partner with Core and More Technologies.

Core and More Technologies is a powerhouse digital marketing agency nestled along the picturesque New Jersey coastline. With a remarkable 13-year legacy in the industry, this trailblazing firm takes pride in its status as a Google Premier Partner and Microsoft Advertising Partner, not to mention being the recipient of numerous industry awards. Their secret sauce? Delivering exceptional, data-driven results for a diverse clientele in a highly competitive marketplace - with a record of 100% success. They leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of maximum profitability for their clients.


In a world of stringent pharmaceutical and HIPAA regulations, PersonalRX had their work cut out for them. The challenge was to create unique and striking content that would stand tall against powerful behemoths like Amazon's PillPack and competitors like DivvyDOSE, as well as outshine the offerings of traditional pharmacies like CVS and Rite Aid. It was crucial for PersonalRX to design captivating advertisements that effectively connected with their 65+ demographic while maintaining regulatory compliance and remaining easily accessible. This was an opportunity for PersonalRX to showcase their value proposition and make their presence felt in the super competitive pharma-delivery landscape - while also establishing the critical affirmation of this new advertising channel as, indeed, a path through which to accelerate their strategic marketing initiatives.

Additionally, several important questions needed to be answered before any advertising could begin; PersonalRX faced the challenge of determining where to focus their marketing and advertising dollars - would the focus be on locations with the lowest freight charges to decrease overhead, or would the focus be on locations with the highest number of senior citizens for increased audience size? With three distinct target markets; patients, personal caregivers, and professional caregivers - there was also the question of who should be targeted when, how, and with how much budget?


The team at Core and More Technologies knew right away that they needed to perform a battery of important and concurrent analysis efforts; geographic market research with the help of the Google Trends and Google Ads Planning tools; target persona identification and research, and highly detailed keyword research. After our initial research it was clear that we needed to focus on two of their target markets and develop distinct marketing strategies for each.

We first launched Google Ad campaigns across those two specific target locations, effectively capturing a significant and relevant audience that lived within an area that would keep freight costs down.  After huge initial success we then launched Microsoft Ad campaigns, and increased our geographical targeting to include the three other major geographies.

To ensure optimum reporting and analysis Core and More Technologies implemented a highly effective and efficient closed-loop reporting system that gives not only us but also the PersonalRX management team a complete picture of every lead that is generated, and how those leads are progressing through the sales funnel. This level of tracking and reporting is critical for any organization that is looking to generate quality leads and drive conversions on an increasing scale.

With this system in place, Core and More Technologies has been able to help PersonalRX achieve its goals of generating quality visibility and traffic while also enjoying staggering increases in efficiency. By having this complete picture of the consumer journey, they have been able to make necessary changes to their marketing strategy which has resulted in significant and ongoing increases in profitability.


It is not just about showing up, but showing up ‘above the fold’.  We know from years of experience that the difference between an ad appearing anywhere outside of the top of the search engine results page will have click-through rates sometimes 50-75% lower than their above the fold counterparts.

The case is no different for PersonalRX.  And over time, we know that our ads show up consistently above the likes of Amazon, CVS and Walgreen’s.

"I wish there was an additional star to add. Could not be happier with the Core and More team! Professional, efficient, and successful."

-Lawrence Margolis, Founder/CEO, PersonalRX

The Results

Looking at the performance of the first five months since the launch of the SEM campaigns (compared to the previous five months) you can see that the campaigns had a significant impact on overall performance.

                                                 Let’s begin by looking at the overall website performance results:

Overall traffic growth

Overall Visitors
New Visitors

Overall conversion growth

Conversion Rate
Quotable Conversions

But what is that worth? Having the ability to pinpoint precisely where their website visitors are coming from, right down to the specific ad campaign, ad, and keyword level – has been a game-changer. In addition to that, visualize tracking the complete user journey, measuring conversions and revenue with absolute precision, and gaining vital insights through segmented, cross-channel analysis. This is precisely what Core and More Technologies’ closed-loop reporting methodology has delivered, shedding light on the base value of PersonalRX’s traffic derived from Google and Bing Ads campaigns. 

During the initial five months of our collaboration, we also developed a cutting-edge cohort retention model that we continually refresh every month. This helps us analyze the lead-to-close cycle based on monthly segments and identify trends and percentages to generate data-driven forecasts, fine-tune our allocations and positions, and assess the overall lifetime value on a per transaction basis. As a result, we can now determine the following crucial revenue performance metrics:

Cost Per Acquisition
Return on Ad Spend
  • Per closed deal ratio to revenue hovers between 5% and 10% – meaning that each closed opportunity has only cost between 5% and 10% of overall revenue on a per transaction basis.
  • Return on ad spend toggles between 1,000% and 1,800% – that is up to an unprecedented 18x what is being spent on a dollar for dollar basis.
  • As the account has scaled, so too has the efficiency. Since launch, conversion volume has increased by over 1,000%, while CPA has decreased by 65%. 
  • We can see all changes to revenue growth through the lens of periodic analysis month zero, month 1, month 2, etc.

In collaboration with Core and More Technologies, PersonalRX has experienced remarkable success in every market they’ve ventured into. As a result of their partner’s state-of-the-art data management system, PersonalRX can swiftly and effectively monitor and assess results across all marketing platforms, empowering their expansion at scale with a truly astounding level of efficiency and profit.

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