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Core and More Technologies Puts Talent on Display With New Site Design

Core and More Technologies (CMT) showcased their in-house design skills with the launch of a new website on Monday. Located in Asbury Park, New Jersey, CMT is a global provider of end-to-end digital marketing, website design & development, and marketing automation services.

The site, built by CMT’s design and web-development team, makes clever use of simple curves and wide-open space to encourage visitors to scroll downward. The site’s clean but striking appearance persists despite a virtual ton of information and options stored neatly in interactive elements and menus.

Worth noting is the circular menu a short scroll down on the home page. The menu contains links for a variety of CMT’s services. When clicked or tapped, it flips to show an overview of the service with an option to learn more.

“Creative use of interactive elements is a great way to get more content in front of your site’s traffic,” says Damian Engel, Creative Director at CMT. “They encourage engagement and improve user experience, increasing time on page and session-duration metrics.”

Session duration and time on page are two of the many factors that Google and other search engines consider when determining a site’s search-result ranking.

Perhaps even more impressive than the new look and unique components is the responsive design with which it’s built. The site delivers perfectly whether viewed on a desktop, tablet or mobile device without loss of functionality or content.

When asked to comment on the payoff from a well-designed, responsive site, Engel replied: “Businesses need to find a way to break the mold and differentiate themselves from their competition. In a global digital market, you have to make yourself stand out. Cutting-edge design and interactive elements help you accomplish that goal.”

In addition to the design change, CMT also launched a new page featuring their proprietary SourceCube solution. SourceCube helps to quickly identify lead sources and touchpoints through multiple channels including, but not limited to, social media, paid and organic search, and referrals. It allows for a better, more granular evaluation of lead generation efficiencies; thereby enabling immediately-improved ROI and strategic expansion.

Core and More Technologies is headquartered in New Jersey and has regional offices in several US locations as well as the European Union. Since its founding in 2010 by CEO Andrew Young, CMT has gone on to earn numerous distinctions including being named a Google Premier Partner; a status achieved by just 3 percent of marketing agencies.

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