Why Us?

The value of integrated marketing begins here

Our daily activities are always centered around customer satisfaction. Core and More Technologies is in a continuous state of research.  The enables us to accelerate innovation and meet customer demand more rapidly.  An integral part of our corporate philosophy is our consistent commitment to customer service and support.  To maximize results, we find it necessary to adjust our approach on a customer by customer basis – thereby ensuring a strategic plan built to produce the highest possible results for each individual project.  This is another way we differentiate ourselves and create tangible value for our customers.

  • Finding The Right Customer

    Purchase Funnel

    From the very top of the purchasing funnel and all the way through journey that we call the ‘procurement process’, Core and More Technologies helps to usher prospects to your site and then positions you to convert them into customers.

    We place your ads in front of prospects as they begin to research a solution to meet their needs, and strategically fortify their awareness of your brand and expand their understanding of your products as they more through the procurement process. 

    The result is a multidimensional, fully integrated digital marketing strategy that is mutually supportive and internally consistent. 

     We have created innovative brand campaigns and highly targeted direct response promotions for medium-sized businesses as well as large global organizations.

  • Ads and Strategy

    Consumer Influence

    Display advertising is in a state of constant motion, caused by the acceleration of online media consumption and the explosion in new technologies. While the Google Display platform now enables marketers to reach 92% of internet users in the U.S. today, successful advertising through this medium requires a strong balance between strategy and ad content. 

    At Core and More Technologies, we have the proven expertise to generate cutting-edge and highly engaging creative and know how to place those ads in the right places at exactly the right times.

    Having effective ads is just as critical to your success as the placements and targeting strategies themselves.  Our performance across numerous customers exceeds documented industry averages. Partnering with us, you know you will be getting the most out of every dollar spent.