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13 Years of Core and More Technologies

Celebrating 13 Years in Business

As we celebrate 13 years in business here at Core and More Technologies, we are also reflecting upon an incredible journey filled with tremendous learning opportunities, consistent growth, and innovative ideas.

At the same time, there have been countless challenges; among them ever-changing market conditions, client statuses, shifts in the technology that drives performance, and not to mention, a global pandemic that reshaped the world. Operating within an industry whose valuation is currently estimated at $531 Billion globally and alongside forecasts to reach $1.5 Trillion by 2030 – there will be an intense amount of innovation and competition – perhaps more so than any other industry on the planet. 

For our part, over the past decade our company has relentlessly pursued technological advancements and process improvements to help our marketers, technologists, account managers, and analysts to reach their fullest potential when it comes to communication & promotional strategies, as well as digital tools. We’ve strived to stay at the forefront of innovation by consistently investing into research & development that ultimately gets baked into the services that we offer..

The guiding principles of our company are simple; we ask ourselves three questions every day:

  1. How are we showing up across all areas of the company? Are we just doing enough to “get by”, or are truly seeking to add value for our clients and for the web in general?
  2. Are we being of maximum service to our clients? This question applies to every single role within the company – from CEO to Direct Marketer to Account Manager – being ever mindful that oftentimes, one must serve in order to lead.  What would our clients say upon reflection?
  3. Are we being accountable to one another and to our clients?  We have come to know that the flatter the company is in terms of communication, matched with the complete openness of that communication – the more success we can predict in any and all relationships – both internally and externally. Honesty and transparency are the foundational cornerstones of this philosophy. Applied in uncompromising terms, we will never fail, even if we do fail.

Reflecting back upon where we started with our very first client back in 2010 – these principles have guided us as a company and helped us to develop the processes which have led to our most recent annual performance announcement – something which we would only have been able to dream about back at that outset. 

We remain thankful about the opportunities that we have come our way, and the success that we have enjoyed. It may sound cliche, but our clients truly do become our partners. Our employees and for that matter all of our resources are hand-picked and considered to be the very best at what they do. What has emerged here is a collaborative work environment that now operates on a global scale while remaining tight enough to flourish on a local level within niche markets. Core and More Technologies is a family of smart, innovative, hard-working and talented persons whose aim is to reward all those who have chosen to partner with us to help make their dreams to also become a reality. That’s what we do.

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