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Driving Remarkable Growth: Diversity of Clients Across Multiple Industries Enjoying Triple Digit Increases in ROI

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This article delves into the extraordinary client growth accomplished by Core and More Technologies in the first half of 2023.  This again proves us to be an innovative and data-driven agency – harnessing the power of seamless integration between diverse platforms to achieve remarkable, triple-digit year-over-year (YoY) gains in both pipeline and revenue across our entire client base. By combining data from WhatConverts, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console, (all through lightweight implementations through Google Tag Manager), we have provided our clients with actionable, granular insights that enabled them to collaborate with us with confidence – making informed decisions on an ongoing basis towards transformative growth. As a matter of fact, the growth for one client has been so significant that our friends at WhatConverts were compelled to write their own case study about it!

1. Background

Recognizing the challenges faced by businesses in understanding the holistic performance of their marketing efforts, Core and More Technologies embarked on a mission to provide an all-encompassing data integration solution – applicable for all – but custom tailored to specific client objectives on a case-by-case basis. By combining data from diverse platforms, we aimed to offer our clients a 360-degree view of their marketing campaigns – so as to optimize their strategies in ways never before possible. 

2. Comprehensive Platform Integration:

Core and More Technologies implemented a seamless integration of several platforms, including WhatConverts, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console.  This is facilitated through Google Tag Manager. This integration allowed the agency to access a wealth of data from various sources, enabling a holistic analysis of marketing performance and in very granular ways – e.g., by device, location, or perhaps demographic.

3. Example of Data-Driven Analysis:

Looking at the first half of 2022, we noticed that we had an overall 22.29% higher attribution in pipeline contribution from phone calls. Yet, we saw that phone call driven revenue was 8.22% less than that which we had seen coming in via forms. So it was not a no-brainer.

At the same time, when we noticed that the cost per acquisition (CPA) was lower and the site conversion rates higher by a wide margin (155%) for phone calls (thanks to WhatConverts integration with Google Analytics) we recommended to a number of applicable clients that we place a thumb on the scale towards phone calls.

4. Unleashing Data-Backed Insights:

With this 360-degree view of our clients’ marketing efforts, we gained data-backed insights to inform their strategies. Armed with a wealth of information from diverse platforms, we embarked on a meticulous analysis of the data, uncovering valuable patterns and trends that guided our clients towards record-breaking results.

5. Remarkable Results:
a) Agency-Wide Performance in 1H 2023 vs. 1H 2022:
  • We just completed an agency-wide analysis of performance metrics for the first half of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022.
  • Leveraging data from integrated platforms, we observed remarkable growth of 93.35% in the pipeline across all clients. Web forms contributed to a 41.10% increase, while phone calls drove a significant 138.77% surge.
  • Revenue experienced outstanding YoY growth of 222.65%, with web forms generating 131.65% more revenue and phone calls delivering an extraordinary 371.51% increase.
b) Phone Call Optimization:
  • Armed with comprehensive data revealing that phone calls were potentially much more valuable than form submissions, one client enjoyed a 106.94% increase in pipeline contributions and a remarkable 131.65% boost in overall average revenue. Simply by prioritizing phone impressions!
  • Focusing just on phone calls alone, we saw an astounding 138.77% surge in phone call-driven pipeline and an exceptional 371.51% increase in revenue from phone call derived conversions.
c) Cohort Analysis:

The integration of data from multiple platforms allowed us to conduct in-depth cohort analysis for one of our major clients. As part of the lifetime value determination we identified that prospects were not converting into closed sales at a rate of over 80%, and that many prospects were aging and sitting dormant. This awareness highlighted a need, and once that process was internally optimized, it resulted in an incremental 25% increase in conversions and a remarkable 10% revenue gain. Simply by highlighting the need for following up!

6. Driving ROI Growth:

Leveraging the power of data-driven integration for another specific client, we achieved significant ROI growth  – the likes of which they had not seen before. A transformational improvement from 353% in the first half of 2022 to an astounding 1,087% in 2023 likewise, representing an extraordinary 208% increase in ROI.


The success story of Core and More Technologies showcases the immense potential of a data-driven approach in achieving remarkable growth for our clients. 

Through the comprehensive integrations mentioned, we provided our clients with a 360-degree view of their marketing efforts, empowering them with data-backed insights to make informed decisions. Armed with granular and actionable information, our clients collaborated with us confidently, driving record-breaking triple-digit YoY gains in both pipeline and revenue.

The example of phone call optimization illustrates how data-driven insights enabled us to shift the focus towards high-performing channels. To recap, by identifying the untapped potential of phone call-driven conversions, clients experienced significant increases in pipeline contributions and overall revenue, proving the exceptional value of such an approach.

Furthermore, our ability to conduct in-depth cohort analysis underscored the power of lifetime value determination and the need for optimized follow-up processes. This awareness led to substantial improvements in conversion rates and revenue for one of our major clients.

The transformational ROI growth achieved for another specific client further solidifies our commitment to data-driven excellence. By leveraging integrated data insights, we facilitated substantial improvements in ROI, reinforcing the immense value we bring to our clients’ businesses.

In conclusion, Core and More Technologies’ data-driven integration across platforms has proven to be the cornerstone of our clients’ success. By combining data from diverse sources, we have empowered businesses to make informed decisions, seize opportunities, and adapt strategies in real-time. As we continue to prioritize innovation and data-backed solutions, we remain steadfast in driving remarkable growth for our clients, setting new standards for excellence in the data-driven agency landscape.

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