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More from the Bing-Yahoo Integration…

As we continue to monitor the effect of the Bing-Yahoo integration in our rank tracking results (not only for our customers but for ourselves), one thing is clear:  the fluctuation and inconsistency in those results continues.  This leads us to believe that the dust has not yet settled.

For those who might not have been aware as yet, on August 24th the Bing search engine indexes officially began powering Yahoo search results.  If you are skeptical, just do a search via Yahoo and note that it says “Powered by Bing™” in the bottom center of the results page.

According to latest Hitwise release “In the first five days of its search alliance, Bing and Yahoo! combined to hold 24.15% market share for the week that ended on August 28th — reflecting five days of combined search results. Individually for those five days, Yahoo held 14.28% and Bing 9.87% of all U.S. searches.”

Google accounted for 71.59% of all U.S. searches conducted in the four weeks ending Aug. 28, 2010.  They remain firmly in the drivers seat.


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