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Remarketing 101

With remarketing, companies can deploy a more targeted approach to ad displays, ensuring that the most high-value users see the right ads at the right times.

Display ads have become a hallmark of online marketing over the past few years. With display advertising, marketers have the ability to reach millions upon millions of users across a huge range of websites. Digital ad spending approached $60 billion in the U.S. alone last year, eMarketer research determined, and it is poised for much greater growth in the near future.

Given the scope of this field, brands and companies face intense competition when it comes to ensuring their ads are not only seen, but are seen by the right people. To this end, businesses need to leverage every resource available to them.

That’s what makes remarketing such a powerful tool. With remarketing, companies can deploy a more targeted approach to ad displays, ensuring that the most high-value users see the right ads at the right times. Of course, to work effectively, brands need to utilize remarketing strategically.

Understanding remarketing
First things first: What is remarketing?

At its core, remarketing is fairly simple. The idea is that people who visit a company’s website or are otherwise exposed to its ads will continue to see those ads – even as they browse other websites.

That alone represents a potentially game-changing new approach to ad marketing. It means that a person who visits a company’s website, and has therefore unequivocally demonstrated interest in the organization, will continue to view ads that serve to keep that business in the prospect’s mind and further demonstrate the value proposition.

Remarketing 101Remarketing ensures your ads show up across the Internet.

Advanced remarketing
Going further, more advanced remarketing efforts can adjust the ads that users see, depending on a variety of factors, making this strategy even more effective.

This is thanks to the ability to segment new ads by audiences. By doing so, a company can ensure that some site visitors continue to see one ad campaign during their ongoing website browsing, while others are exposed to a different set of advertisements. This further improves the degree of targeting, making ad campaigns more effective.

What’s more, advanced remarketing can even be used to ensure that only the right website visitors see a given type of ad. For example, a clothing retailer specializing in winter clothes may have a campaign focused on a particular heavy coat. With remarketing, site visitors will continue to see ads for that jacket as they browse other websites. If a particular consumer purchases that coat, though, the business can use remarketing to ensure that this customer no longer sees the ad for the coat he already owns – instead, the remarketing ads can feature related winter gear, like matching gloves or hats.

“Remarketing offers creative approaches to targeted ad displays.”

This way, instead of irritating a customer by exposing him to irrelevant ads, the brand can offer other products to an extremely high-value target. This presents a degree of flexibility that companies can take advantage of, developing creative approaches to targeted ad displays.

And, critically, this process is almost entirely automated, saving tremendous amounts of time and energy on the part of marketing personnel.

Ultimately, an effective approach to remarketing enables companies to create and execute a fully integrated online marketing strategy, one that maximizes the impact the brand can have on its most viable potential customers.

Getting remarketing right
Given all of these advantages, it’s easy to see why so many companies are eager to pursue the possibilities that remarketing strategies have to offer. If handled correctly, a remarketing campaign has the potential to provide a significant competitive advantage to those businesses that are able and willing to leverage these strategies today.

However, this does not mean that remarketing efforts are guaranteed to deliver positive results. As is often the case with any kind of online marketing, success is entirely dependent on how well the company is able to leverage the available strategy. For remarketing to prove effective, companies need get it right.

That’s why it’s important for businesses to work with a trusted, experienced partner, like Core and More Technologies. Core and More’s experts have the skills, knowledge and dedication necessary to help clients develop customized campaigns that address the organization’s unique marketing goals on both a short- and long-term basis. We’ll then use our technical expertise to guarantee that the display ads appear when and where they are supposed to, ensuring that the strategy delivers all of the technique’s potential value.

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