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So Many Choices

As noted in the title, it is easy to become enamored by the various synonyms and technical jargon that applies to the modern computing space.  ERP, ECM, CRM, SaaS, OnDemand, Cloud – help!

It is obvious that the best and brightest minds, both marketing and technical – have dedicated themselves to the next generation of business growth from both ends of the spectrum.  Small start-ups – like your own Core and More Technologies, can predict their success (or their failure) by their ability to keep it simple and deliver the best value from the perspective of price and performance – the basis of which is found in the quality of their customer service.  That said, we all have the additional title of “customer service representative”.  And of that we should be proud.

Please feel free to contact us for a free synonym chart – we have made sense of all the terms aforementioned and would be happy to share it with anyone having an interest.


-A. Young

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