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This latest change to the Google search algorithm will likely have a very positive impact on those firms that can effectively embrace SEO best practices.

Considering Google’s stature in the realm of Internet search, it’s no surprise that anyone interested in search engine optimization or paid search pays close attention to any and all Google updates. Recently, for example, Google rolled out a new policy that eliminated text ads on the right side of desktop searches. Such a change is obviously going to have a major impact on how companies approach their paid search and SEO initiatives.

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In October, Yahoo and Google signed an agreement which could have major implications for both search engine optimization and search engine marketing. In the past, Yahoo had an exclusive arrangement with Microsoft Bing, wherein Bing ads would appear on Yahoo searches. However, earlier this year Yahoo and Microsoft renegotiated the terms of this deal, creating the opportunity for Yahoo to look elsewhere. That led to the new arrangement with Google.

Considering the importance of SEO, SEM and paid search for today’s businesses, it’s imperative for company decision-makers to understand the implications of this partnership, as well as if or how they should adjust their strategies in light of the new search environment.

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