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Core and More Technologies Partners with Monmouth University on New Internship Program

ASBURY PARK, N.J. August 17, 2021 – Core and More Technologies (CMT), in partnership with nearby Monmouth University, is pleased to announce their brand-new internship program.  Through this program, CMT will provide students with an opportunity to gain valuable experience working in a real-world corporate setting while also enjoying a welcoming and nurturing environment that promotes outside-of-the-box thinking and limitless creativity. The partnership is mutually beneficial in that it enables CMT to tap into a wealth of smart and highly motivated students while enabling them to work and learn within one of the most highly sought and cutting-edge industries in the world today.

Being a full-service digital marketing agency, a Google Premier Partner, and a Microsoft Advertising Partner – the opportunities at CMT entail a wide variety of disciplines including but not limited to creative design, development, all aspects of digital marketing, as well as logistical, administrative, and clerical functions.

Our CEO, Andrew Young, is also a graduate of the University and is also currently a member of the Monmouth University Business Council at the Leon Hess School of Business

“Monmouth University is and always will be a place I call home.  The relationships forged there, both past and present, tend to be long lasting and fruitful. How can you not feel the vibe when you walk across the Great Lawn, or peruse the rich history of the various corridors.  Monmouth University represents a motif of achievement and success in the lives of so many. Their involvement within and around the surrounding area, coupled with their generous endowment and scholarship programs, renders them a leading institution not only within local communities but across the State of New Jersey. I am personally grateful to be in a position to give back to an entity that cumulatively gives so much to those around them”.  -Andrew Young, CEO of Core and More Technologies 

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