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Core and More Technologies To Provide Google/Google+ Seminar on April 3, 2012!

The Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce Google PlusIn collaboration with the Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce, Core and More Technologies will be presenting an internet marketing seminar focused on Google and Google+ at the Middletown, NJ Public Library beginning at 6 PM sharp.

So you have heard all about it, but are not quite sure exactly how it works or how to best leverage it to reach more prospects and interact with your current contacts and customers.

On top of that, many have “social media fatigue” and may not be too keen on expanding even further into this realm. However with the rate that Google Plus is growing, and with the introduction of ‘Search Plus Your World’, it is not hard to imagine that a strong presence on Google Plus will become essential to your internet marketing strategy and, just as importantly, to the internet marketing strategy of your customers

As Google Plus is still quite new, there are no true ‘experts’ yet (aside from those on the Google engineering team) – but we are in and learning quickly. This seminar is intended to focus on the basics; setting it up, connecting with others, using it to promote your business and reach new customers, and how it might fit into your larger online marketing strategy. Topics will include:

  • Brief Intro to Social Media Marketing
  • The Search Marketing Value Proposition
  • Google Search – Current Conditions, and Why It Means You Should Be on Google Plus
  • Google Plus; Viral Growth, Setting it Up, Use Cases, Components
  • Taking it Live; AdWords Integration, Social Media Value Proposition, and Action Plan
  • Measuring ROI, and a Client Case Study on CRM Integration

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