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Google vs. Bing ads: Should I Use Both?

When it comes to paid search promotion, there are many issues that businesses need to address. Among the most basic considerations that company leaders must confront is the question of where to focus their efforts. Which search channel or channels will prove the most useful for the firm in question?

In most cases, this deliberation will come down to a debate between Google and Bing ads. A lot of business leaders may initially assume that they should stick exclusively with Google AdWords, and that’s often true. But for many other firms, Bing Ads also offer significant value and should be utilized instead of or in conjunction with Google.

Dual value
There’s good reason why Google AdWords is widely seen as the default option when it comes to paid search. Google represents approximately 80 percent of the total search market and, consequently, Google-based ads have the potential to reach a much wider audience than any other search engine. What’s more, AdWords is an excellent advertising system, providing companies with the opportunity to ensure their ads are made visible to the right search users at the ideal time.

However, this does not mean that businesses’s paid search strategies should start and stop with Google AdWords. Bing has its own advantages in this area, as well. For example, research from Pricing Engine found that while Google offered higher search volume and better click-through rates, Bing Ads were more cost efficient, according to Search Engine Land.

Google vs Bing AdsEach search engine has its own advantages.

Additionally, WordStream reported that Bing’s portion of the total search market is growing. Bing remains far behind Google, of course, but the source claimed that this trajectory suggests that Bing Ads are succeeding at delivering value to their customers.

Together is better
These findings should not be taken to mean that Bing Ads is therefore better than Google AdWords, or vice versa. The fact of the matter is that each offers its own value.

As a result, the ideal paid search promotion strategy in many cases will be to leverage both Google AdWords and Bing ads, rather than choosing between them.

However, to develop an approach that takes full advantage of both platforms in the most efficient way possible is easier said than done. To this end, companies should consider partnering with a paid search consulting firm that can offer guidance and expertise, creating a strategy that accounts for the unique nature and goals of every individual company.

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