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Live Data Opens New Opportunities for Paid Search

Paid search advertising has seen major growth in recent years. Business decision-makers in a huge range of industries now recognize that they cannot afford to ignore search as part of their broader marketing strategies, and that search engine optimization efforts are naturally complemented by paid search advertising campaigns. Significantly, research from non-profit SEMPO recently revealed that marketers are now very confident in their ability to measure the return on investment from paid search efforts, suggesting this strategy is becoming more central to marketing as a whole.

What’s more, paid search is becoming more and more powerful. Writing for The Drum, Matthew Read recently noted that Google AdWords is increasingly making it possible for marketers to incorporate live data into their paid search advertising strategies.

AdWords evolution
Read pointed out that Google AdWords has changed a great deal over the past few years. While some of these developments are more surface-level than anything else – for example, color changes on search ads – others have proven more significant and strategic. Notably, the rise of mobile and video have both had a major impact on how marketers approach paid search on the Google platform.

Data opens new opportunities in paid searchPaid search is always evolving.

The latest significant development in this area, according to Read, is the rise of live data. The writer pointed out that Google now frequently displays additional information whenever a user conducts a search. This could be seen as a challenge for marketers, but it also represents a significant opportunity. The challenge comes with the fact that marketers need to make sure their ads are still visible, despite the additional information that pops up when a user conducts a search.

However, the opportunity is easily more significant. Read explained that it is possible to incorporate live data into paid search ads, and that this has a very positive impact on the overall effectiveness of a campaign.

“Ads containing live data delivered a 15% higher click-through rate.”

To demonstrate this notion, Read provided the example of an ad campaign he recently ran. Specifically, the campaign for the FTSE 100 included live trading prices in the paid search ads – information that Google would display automatically anyway whenever someone searched for relevant key words. The writer noted that in this campaign, ads that contained live data delivered a click-through rate 15 percent higher than ads that lacked this information. Paid search ads containing live data also created a higher level of user engagement and a better conversion rate.

Staying one step ahead
This doesn’t mean that every paid search campaign absolutely must include live data. However, it does make it clear that there are strong benefits to this approach, assuming businesses can embrace the tactic effectively.

But this can be easier said than done. After all, as Read himself pointed out, Google AdWords has changed a lot in its relatively brief history. This particular development may be more substantial than most, but it’s part of a broader trend. And it’s not specific to Google AdWords – paid search advertising in general is constantly evolving in hard-to-predict ways.

It is very challenging for most companies to keep pace with all of these changes, and even harder to recalibrate their paid search advertising strategies to fully take account of and capitalize on these developments. But those that are successful in this area will enjoy a major advantage over their industry competitors.

That’s why it’s so important for firms interested in paid search advertising to partner with an experienced paid search consulting firm, such as Core and More Technologies. We have unparalleled expertise in this field, ensuring our clients’ paid search strategies are always optimized for the greatest effectiveness.

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