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Reflecting on an Incredible Year of Achievements in 2022

An Amazing End to an Amazing Year

2022 was a year for the record books! From professional landmarks to personal victories, it proved in no uncertain terms that we had what it took to make our mark. As this historic and momentous period of time draws to an end, let’s celebrate together by reflecting upon all the incredible successes made during 2022!

The team went above and beyond to bring in over 24,000 leads for our clients generating multi-million dollar pipelines across numerous industries! We owe a huge thank-you to our entire team for their tireless perseverance which enabled us reach this milestone—and of course we would also like to extend special recognition to all those who joined the team this year. They hit the ground running and brought tremendous enthusiasm – which ultimately helped accelerate us towards further success.

This year we not only welcomed new members to the team, but we also stepped into two new industries (Pharmaceutical & Wellness), and brought on many new clients. Not to mention that we also expanded the services we provide – now offering an even more robust paid and organic social media package as well as a highly effective video testimonial package that includes outreach, creation, as well as distribution.

At Core and More we strongly believe that there is always room for improvement, which is why we encourage and even incentivize our employees to learn and grow! We are incredibly proud to say that both Sarah Snyder and Ryan Handel earned 4 new certifications each!

It’s not just about the work at Core and More Technologies; we’ve also accomplished amazing feats in our personal lives! Our CEO, Andrew Young got engaged to his true love, purchased an incredible mountain home, and started Mountain Guest Enterprises, a new airBnB business in Colorado Springs. Meanwhile, Sarah Snyder explored a new National Park and found a love for rock climbing. While Gianna Trotter achieved success as a para-equestrian show jumper across multiple states. And Ryan Handel graduated with honors from Monmouth University – nothing short of inspiring stuff going on here!

Core and More Technologies has enjoyed an extraordinary journey of success in 2022. Our incredible team’s hard work, dedication, and passion have been instrumental to achieving great heights – we are proud and humbled by the accomplishments accomplished this year! We look forward to continuing our growth as a company with each of you at its heart into 2023. Cheers to much prosperity ahead!

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