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The New Remarketing Approach from Google

If you have not seen this already – you need to take a look. Google has recently streamlined the approach to ‘remarketing’ within the AdWords platform.

Remarketing enables advertisers to refine their message to users who have previously visited their site via existing campaigns. You can build ‘lists’ based upon activities taken (or not taken for that matter) and then act intelligently upon that knowledge through additional campaigns. For example, if you sell printers and have a campaign promoting a specific model, you can create a list comprised entirely of those who have executed a purchase through that campaign. The next time someone included within that list is exposed to one of your ads via the Google Display Network, that ad can be designed to promote the ink cartridges for the printer that they recently purchased. Conversely, you can create a list of those who DID NOT complete a purchase — and design ads to encourage them back to the site to make the sale. This might include incenvites that were not available at the time they were originally exposed to the ad. In terms of targeting, these ads can be limited only to those within that list.

Think of the possibilities here for the savvy marketer. Remarketing was incorporated into the AdWords platform in 2010. It has become reknown as one of the single most effective online marketing tools available today. There is no other campaign type that approaches this level of effectiveness in terms of targeting, which in turn will result in highly relevant traffic and conversions.

I have heard some say that remarketing is ‘limited’ to the Google Display Network. That is incorrect. Yes, remarketing is a tool for use on the display network, however The Google Display Network reaches 92% of all Internet users in the U.S!

Up until recently, remarketing campaigns required a fair amount of overhead in terms of setup and maintenance. Google has streamlined this process for us through what amounts to a universal tagging system; you install one ‘remarketing tag’ that Google generates for you on your site. Then, for each list you would like to create, you simply generate a ‘new audience’ – which will create a ‘rule-based’ list type – that you then populate with any unique string you like from the destination URL. Among the many beauties of this is that you do NOT need to implement anything!

Think of the possibilites now available through this amazing application of URL based list creation! Let’s call it a ‘page combination strategy’ for up-sell and cross-sell to existing customers.

Remarketing lists can also be strategically leveraged based upon duration. If you want to reach customers who made a purchase anytime from 30-90 days ago, first create a remarketing list with a 30-day duration. Then, create a second list with a 90-day duration. Use the custom combination list to reach all customers within the 90-day list, but not the 30-day list.

The possibilities are endless. Install your universal tag now, and have fun!

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