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With the release of Google Instant a couple of weeks back – the rumor mill began cranking full speed with stories of doom, gloom and general anarchy.  Very similar to when Google released AdWords.  All corners were announcing the death of SEO relevance and the “fact” that Google was no longer a “company of the people”.

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As we continue to monitor the effect of the Bing-Yahoo integration in our rank tracking results (not only for our customers but for ourselves), one thing is clear:  the fluctuation and inconsistency in those results continues.  This leads us to believe that the dust has not yet settled.

For those who might not have been aware as yet, on August 24th the Bing search engine indexes officially began powering Yahoo search results.  If you are skeptical, just do a search via Yahoo and note that it says “Powered by Bing™” in the bottom center of the results page.

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And it should be getting more attention.  As Bing and Yahoo continue forward on their transition, a milestone has been reached.  Bing results are now powering Yahoo results in the US and Canada!  Depending upon how you rank on either, this could be good news – or terrible news.

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) — Google has pulled back another curtain and revealed the size of its lucrative Internet ad network in the U.S. It spans more than 1.5 million advertisers and Web sites.

The Associated Press calculated the figure from a state-by-state breakdown of Google Inc.’s operations that the company released Tuesday.

It marks the second time in two days that Google has shared previously unknown details about the marketing channel that generates most of its revenue. The Internet search leader spelled out the commissions that it pays its ad partners for the first time Monday.

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Jeff Jarvis makes hundreds, if not thousands of great points in his book “What Would Google Do?

Perhaps the most relevant point is about building a platform that others can build upon. It is what has created the seemingly unlimited success that Google has experienced through its “Maps” offering.  Consider this: Maps is free, well maintained, can be embedded within a site with relative ease, and can be expanded upon and tailored to one’s liking through mashups.  Marissa Mayer – Google’s VP of Search Products and User Experience stated “we think of our geo technologies as building a mirror onto the world.”

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