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Celebrating 14 Years of Core and More Technologies

Thinking Back...

Fourteen years ago, I left my former company after ten solid years and significant professional growth. When that company was acquired about eight years in, many of my friends were let go. I was fortunate enough to have ‘made the cut’ and stayed on board. And the stars happened to align. The company embarked upon an aggressive acquisition strategy in the software industry, which happened to be exactly where my entire career up until that point had been spent. That, coupled with an incoming company president who thought I would be a valuable asset in pursuit of that strategy, led to my getting much more involved on the business end of things. During the ensuing year, I met a number of entrepreneurs and risk takers who, while I may not have realized it at the time, would have a profound impact on my future life choices. At the same time, I met someone on a poker table who became my best friend and who was a serial entrepreneur, from a family of similarly brilliant entrepreneurs. Hence, a spark was lit!

When said company president was let go, a major shakeup followed. With the arrival of the incoming leadership team came feelings of disillusionment. It marked a drastic change and I never felt quite as miserable as I did during that one-year span in my entire career. I think that both sides knew that a change was imminent. And when it happened, I experienced an overwhelming sense of relief, and any fears were replaced by high hopes as I thought about the journey that lie ahead. At the time, I think that the amount of gratitude that I felt made it impossible to harbor any simultaneous resentments. 

So, in early 2010 I started Core and More Technologies with the intention of building software products. Having engineering an entire suite of business applications for said company, it really did seem like the thing to do.

I quickly changed course when the first opportunity to come through the door (via email), was for digital marketing services. That request came from what was a competitor at my former company, and was Silicon-valley based AtHoc. To this day, they remain one of our favorite all-time clients, and the memories of working together are and always will be very special. I had absolutely no intention of someday working with them when I was still with my former employer. It is certainly interesting how the opportunity unfolded, but it was some months after the parting and arose out of nowhere, and as a result of ‘doing the right thing’ in the moment. 

Since then, we have enjoyed a somewhat amazing journey. The results that we were able to produce for AtHoc remain something of legend – which I would like to think the results ultimately helped lead to their acquisition by Waterloo, CA based BlackBerry, Inc.

The principles of our company have always been simple:

  1. Like Steve Jobs once said, if you can keep it simple, then you must keep it simple. If you can keep it simple, you can move mountains.
  2. Be honest, be humble, and always be hopeful. Honestly means being honest with yourself just as much as with others. Keep it real. Being humble means not having to put on a show – but rather showing up, not taking things personally, and always being grateful for those around you who are contributing to the success. Being hopeful (while living in reality) means knowing that even sometimes when it is not okay, that it is still going to be okay. No matter what.
  3. Transparency and commitment: Honesty and transparency go hand in hand. In this industry and anywhere else in life, we know that there is no such thing as perfection. It is our unwavering commitment to making continuous progress that has always predicted our success and guided us as a company. 

And as a result, our sustenance as a company has always been tied directly to our per-client performance, as 90% of our clients to this day have some to us word-of-mouth – via referrals from existing clients. AND our growth is 100% tied directly to the success of our clients, as we have accepted zero investment capital in our entire company history. Our growth is therefore 100% organic – which I believe has helped us to maintain a healthy balance between what we can afford and what we actually need.

From the very beginning…

Our journey began in 2010, in a basement and with a big vision. We believed in the transformative power of our approach, with our ability to connect with audiences, build brands, and to drive growth. From our first website build to our early SEO campaigns, we poured our hearts and souls into each project, always striving to exceed expectations.

Through twists and turns, we thrived…

The digital landscape – as well as our client needs, constantly evolves, and Core and More has weathered every storm. We have embraced new technologies, adapted to changing algorithms, and always honed our skills to stay ahead of the curve. Each challenge presented an opportunity to learn, to innovate, and to refine our approach. In 2020, when the whole world shut down, we remained in our office in Asbury Park. We never shut down, and never transitioned to a remote working environment. Our belief was and will always be that there is power in the presence of people in the same room, working together towards the same goals, with the same vision and a willingness to get knocked down here and there and to continue to take risks – while always mindful to put our clients first.

…to a tree laden with success stories…

Today, we stand tall and proud of the diverse branches of digital expertise that have grown out of our consistent commitment to these principles. We are a Google Partner and a Microsoft Advertising Partner, adept at pay-per-click marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. We craft beautiful websites, integrate marketing automation, and deliver insightful data-driven strategies. But our greatest measure of success is not in accolades, but in the stories of our clients. Helping them to flourish, watching their companies grow, watching their dreams becoming reality – that’s what truly nourishes our roots.

Looking forward, ever upward…

As we step into our 15th year, we are filled with gratitude for our dedicated team, our loyal clients and partners, and our unwavering supporters. We are excited to explore new frontiers, embrace new and emerging technologies (did someone say AI lately?), and continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital realm.

This 14th anniversary is not just a marker of time, but a testament to the enduring power of collaboration, creativity, and a shared passion for principled digital success. We look forward to writing the next chapters of our story, hand-in-hand with you, as Core and More continues to climb ever higher towards the summit of digital marketing excellence.

Join us in the celebration!

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  • Let’s raise a virtual toast to 14 years of success and many more to come!

Thank you for being a part of the Core and More story. Here’s to the next chapter, brimming with even greater possibilities!


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