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Google SGE: Reshaping Search and SEO in 2024

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Google is about to revolutionize the way we search the web. Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) is an innovative approach that leverages the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to completely transform your search experience. But what exactly is SGE, and how will it impact the current SEO (Search Engine Optimization) landscape?

What is Google SGE?

Imagine a search engine that doesn’t just display links, but provides concise summaries of your search queries. That’s the core idea behind SGE. This AI-powered tool ushers in a new era of search by leveraging cutting-edge AI through the use of advanced algorithms to analyze information from various web sources and pull together informative snippets that display directly on the search engine results page.

And that’s not all! If you need a visual spark to complement the information you’re finding, SGE can even generate creative images based on your search query. Imagine searching for “DIY bird feeder” and not only getting instructions, but also having SGE generate different creative variations of bird feeders you can build. This can be a potential game-changer for visual learners or those seeking inspiration for their next project.

What SGE Brings to the Table: A Richer, More Interactive Search Experience

Powered by generative AI, Google SGE offers a search experience unlike any other. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Get the Gist Quickly: Ditch the endless scrolling! SGE provides brief summaries directly on the search engine results page, allowing you to grasp the main idea of a topic instantly. SGE even provides links to relevant sources on the topic for further exploration.
  • Ask New Kinds of Questions: SGE empowers you to go beyond simple keyword searches, allowing you to formulate more complex and descriptive search queries.
  • Conversational Search: Unlike static search results, SGE promotes a more interactive experience. It suggests follow-up questions related to your search query, allowing you to expand your search or explore related topics with ease.
  • Seamless Progress: Refine your search journey with conversational follow-up questions or explore suggested next steps, all within the user-friendly SGE interface.
  • Focus on Credibility: Currently, SGE relies on freely available information on the web (open source), ensuring transparency and accessibility.

SEO in the Age of SGE: Challenges & Opportunities

The introduction of SGE undoubtedly presents both challenges and opportunities for SEO professionals. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect:


  • Click-Through Rate Blues: With SGE summaries providing answers directly, users might be less inclined to click through to individual websites. This could lead to a decrease in organic traffic, specifically for websites ranking lower on the first page.
  • New Competitors Emerge: SGE surfaces information from a wider range of sources, including those not traditionally ranking high organically. This means you might face competition from unexpected websites for visibility in search results.
  • Authority Takes Center Stage: Since SGE prioritizes reliable and informative content, websites with strong brand authority and high-quality content will likely be favored to be included in summaries.


  • Optimizing for SGE: While the specifics are still evolving, there’s potential to optimize your content for SGE. This could involve creating informative content that directly addresses user queries and leverages rich media like images and videos.
  • Building Brand Authority: Establishing your website as a trusted source through thought leadership initiatives and exceptional content creation can increase your chances of getting featured in SGE summaries.
  • Long-Tail Keywords Still Shine: For complex searches, SGE summaries might not be as effective. Optimizing for long-tail keywords that dive deeper into specific topics could still be a valuable strategy.

The Takeaway

Google SGE marks a significant shift in the way we search for information online. While SEO will need to adapt to this evolving landscape, there are exciting opportunities for websites that prioritize high-quality content and establish themselves as authoritative sources in their niche. By staying informed about SGE developments and embracing its potential, you can ensure your website remains visible and relevant in the age of AI-powered search. And if you need help optimizing your website for Google SGE, contact Core and More Technologies today!

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