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AtHoc and Core and More: A Partnership Based on Trust

There is a lot of client turnover in the realm of digital marketing and website development.  Many of these relationships start and end with a single, one-off project.  As a result, engagements are typically short-term.  However, there are sometimes exceptions to this general rule.  If a service provider truly understands its clients and can consistently deliver value, then these relationships can last much longer and blossom into mutually beneficial partnerships.

That is why Core and More Technologies is proud of the long-term relationship it has forged with Silicon Valley-based AtHoc, the world’s leading provider of networked crisis communication solutions, protecting millions of people and thousands of organizations around the world. For more than five years, Core and More Technologies has worked closely with AtHoc to deliver an array of digital marketing and design services, becoming a close-knit, trusted partner in the process.

An enthusiastic partnership
The AtHoc-Core and More Technologies relationship started in May 2010 with a focus on search engine optimization, as at the time AtHoc did not have the internal SEO and digital marketing expertise needed to tackle these areas. However, the partnership was so successful, and Core and More Technology’s commitment so impressive, that the relationship quickly evolved and expanded.

In time, the suite of services provided by Core and More Technologies grew to include paid search advertising, the development of a secure, global customer portal, content development and social media promotions, integration of marketing automation solutions with existing CRM investments (including personnel training to best leverage these systems) – and complete website redesigns on two separate occasions.

In all of these areas, Core and More Technologies delivered impressive results. Yet according to Ly Tran, AtHoc’s co-founder and Senior Vice President, the decision to continue and deepen his company’s relationship with Core and More Technologies was not due to successful outcomes.  Instead, Tran saw Core and More Technologies’ responsiveness, integrity, and ability to understand its customers as the key value propositions.

“Core and More understands how to partner with its customers,” said Tran. “They’re patient, but they also know how to lead. And they’re not afraid to innovate.”

Tran went on to explain that from the very beginning, Core and More Technologies took the time to research and understand AtHoc and its space, and then came to the table introducing new ideas to expand the overall scope of their marketing strategy in ways that would otherwise not have been explored and eventually, adopted.  Other potential vendors simply did not or could not put forth this degree of effort, commitment or knowledge.

Core and More Technologies came to the table prepared for success.

What’s more, Tran emphasized that Core and More Technologies’ team came to the initial project with a great degree of enthusiasm and passion. They were eager to work closely with AtHoc and its personnel to not only deliver top-level service but also identify new areas for improvement – such as their digital marketing reporting structure. These key pieces helped prioritize for more effective promotions, while also creating a paradigm of complete accountability. For every campaign and project, Core and More Technologies provided metrics and analytics to verify what they did, how they did it, and what the ultimate impact was. Core and More Technologies ensured that AtHoc could clearly see the value it was gaining from each of their investments with the company.

The emotional value of a trusted partner
Tran noted that all of these factors combined to ensure that Core and More Technologies is not just a valuable partner for AtHoc – it is a trusted partner. And that makes a huge difference. Tran and his colleagues know without a doubt that whenever issues or challenges arise in this arena, they can turn to Core and More Technologies for world-class support, assistance and guidance. That provides peace of mind for AtHoc’s leaders, particularly during high-pressure situations.

This trust was never more on display than in the days leading up to and following AtHoc’s official announcement of its acquisition by BlackBerry. As this case study highlights, this was one of the most important moments in AtHoc’s history, and Core and More Technologies was there every step of the way to ensure a smooth, successful announcement and rebranding effort.

Even after five years, Core and More Technologies continues to push itself to provide increasingly valuable services for AtHoc. The recurring question for AtHoc and any other company is, “What have you done for us lately?” With Core and More Technologies, there is always a strong answer.

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