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Analytics – How Granular Can You Get?

Granular – a buzzword – yes, perhaps. But it is a favorite word of mine nonetheless. Picture the pile of sawdust swept into the corner where a stack of 2×4’s have just been cut. Take each individual piece of that sawdust and spread it out on a table. Examine one piece at a time and…

Introducing Google’s Cloud-Based Operating System

The new Google Chromebooks will be offered by Samsung and Acer. The Samsung model is $429 for Wi-Fi only, 3G version is $499. Acer is priced starting at $349 and up. If the OS is as fast and reliable as the browser, it will present a serious challenge to Microsoft. Read more here!

Google Analytics Issue – April 2011

For all those leveraging Google Analytics to measure their results and who use advanced segments to differentiate their paid, non-paid, direct and referral traffic — you may have experienced a minor heart attack when it appeared that you had a significantly lower amount of traffic then expected. You probably noticed a message in a small…

Did Someone Say “Oh no, Not Again!!!”

Yes they did.  This time it was Overstock.com getting snagged gaming Google search results! See the full story on the Wall Street Journal website.

Another Case of Cheating the Search Engines

A colleague sent me a great article this morning on the subject.  It brought me back to the story of Google v. BMW Germany, 2006.  Google caught on to “black hat” techniques being employed on behalf of the defendant, and sentenced them to the “death penalty”.  That is, they were completely removed from the Google…

Simple Tips for Better YouTube Promotions

These days, no internet marketing strategy is complete without a strong YouTube presence.  According to Hitwise on November 13, 2010 – YouTube is now the #2 Social Networking website in the world with a market share of 19%, second only to Facebook.  Also, YouTube continues to increase their share of the search engine market –…