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This latest change to the Google search algorithm will likely have a very positive impact on those firms that can effectively embrace SEO best practices.

Considering Google’s stature in the realm of Internet search, it’s no surprise that anyone interested in search engine optimization or paid search pays close attention to any and all Google updates. Recently, for example, Google rolled out a new policy that eliminated text ads on the right side of desktop searches. Such a change is obviously going to have a major impact on how companies approach their paid search and SEO initiatives.

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With remarketing, companies can deploy a more targeted approach to ad displays, ensuring that the most high-value users see the right ads at the right times.

Display ads have become a hallmark of online marketing over the past few years. With display advertising, marketers have the ability to reach millions upon millions of users across a huge range of websites. Digital ad spending approached $60 billion in the U.S. alone last year, eMarketer research determined, and it is poised for much greater growth in the near future.

Given the scope of this field, brands and companies face intense competition when it comes to ensuring their ads are not only seen, but are seen by the right people. To this end, businesses need to leverage every resource available to them.

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When it comes to paid search promotion, there are many issues that businesses need to address. Among the most basic considerations that company leaders must confront is the question of where to focus their efforts. Which search channel or channels will prove the most useful for the firm in question?

In most cases, this deliberation will come down to a debate between Google and Bing ads. A lot of business leaders may initially assume that they should stick exclusively with Google AdWords, and that’s often true. But for many other firms, Bing Ads also offer significant value and should be utilized instead of or in conjunction with Google.

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Paid search advertising has seen major growth in recent years. Business decision-makers in a huge range of industries now recognize that they cannot afford to ignore search as part of their broader marketing strategies, and that search engine optimization efforts are naturally complemented by paid search advertising campaigns. Significantly, research from non-profit SEMPO recently revealed that marketers are now very confident in their ability to measure the return on investment from paid search efforts, suggesting this strategy is becoming more central to marketing as a whole.

What’s more, paid search is becoming more and more powerful. Writing for The Drum, Matthew Read recently noted that Google AdWords is increasingly making it possible for marketers to incorporate live data into their paid search advertising strategies.

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The team at Core and More Technologies discusses the importance of establishing sustainable, long-term visibility across all major search engines on terms that are highly relevant to your business, and how we can help to get you there. We talk about how we function much like your investment advisor would – recommending the strongest positions for growth, the potential for risk, and the balance between all.

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