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Any good SEO provider will include in their project process a recommendation stage, whereby they identify certain pages to optimize for certain keywords. Of course, with the various algorithm updates over the past several years it is now almost pointless to attempt to optimize one page on a site for a theme unrelated to the rest of the site. For example, if I establish a 95% optimize rate on a page for the term ‘tires’ on a website that sells televisions, I will have an uphill battle getting that page to rank against sites whose prevalent themes relate to tires.  That improvement to the science of ranking relevance was part of what the Panda algorithm was all about.

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Google. That is a word that brings a lot of joy and some pain to many users. SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimization, has been a hot topic for years. With over 70% month over month market share, one could speculate that Google has cornered the market on SEO and the strategies companies use to gain your attention.

Simply put, when you are searching for something you want to get the best results, right?  In the past, some marketing companies employed black hat SEO tactics designed to “trick” search engines into thinking they had the most relevant website.  Keyword density and backlinks (though link farms) were given high priority, and people were able to quickly, and unjustly climb the page ranking ladder.  Google’s core product is a relevance engine.  If the results become or are even perceived as being inaccurate, they will inevitably lose market share.

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“SoLoMo” isn’t a new term in the marketing industry, but it’s one still too often left out of discussions at meetings and in marketing plans.  An acronym for “social, local, mobile,” SoLoMo was incepted because of the rise of importance of its three components – social media, local optimization and mobile marketing.  Why?  As the marketing landscape evolves, these three pillars came to be inseparable from one another and critical to the success of any online marketing endeavor.

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What Happened?

As of mid-afternoon on September 23, 2013 (at least in the U.S.), all organic search referral data coming through Google is no longer available.  The ‘keyword’ field, where this data was previously available in the Google Analytics dashboard, will now be populated with the value “(not provided)”.

All search through Google is now encrypted.  You will notice that when you go to, the URL is now prepended with ‘https://”.

The origin of this change dates back about two years ago.  It was around this time that the “(not provided)” value began showing up in referral data.  To be precise, it was in October of 2011 that Google began encrypting all searches for anyone logged in to Google. This was done to address evolving privacy concerns. Now, this change is being applied to all searches. In speaking with some of our partner marketing automation providers recently, this change has caused major headaches for them in terms of product accuracy.  And that slope just became much steeper.

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Company recognized for their in-depth market analysis, keyword selection process, and proven effectiveness of their ad creation and strategy across numerous, unrelated industries.

Port Monmouth, NJ (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

Core and More Technologies, a New Jersey Based provider of internet marketing and website development services and a Google AdWords Certified Partner, has been ranked the #9 pay per click management agency in the United States by TopSEOs, a highly-recognized and independent market analysis agency focusing primarily on the internet marketing industry.

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Company recently completes upgrade of entire customer base, gaining valuable insight and experience along the way.

Port Monmouth, NJ (PRWEB) June 18, 2013

Earlier this year, Google announced the new ‘enhanced campaign’ structure for the AdWords advertising platform. As this directly impacts the core component of the product, the campaign, many consider this to be the one of the most sweeping updates since its inception in October of 2000. The team at Core and More Technologies recently posted a very informative article on the subject..

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This month, we saw another great example of display advertising value.  In a one week span, one of our customers enjoyed nearly half a million impressions, over 3,000 clicks, and 50 conversions.  All at an average of .40 per click!  Conversely, their search campaign for the same product cost 7x per click and generated only half the conversions, and only 10% the number of impressions.

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The new GlobalSphere™ line addresses a huge gap in the industry and leads to an unmatched level of cost predictability for customers.

Port Monmouth, NJ (PRWEB) April 09, 2013

Core and More Technologies, a New Jersey Based provider of internet marketing and website development services and a Google AdWords Certified Partner, is pleased to announce the release of the GlobalSphere line of paid search marketing packages.

As companies discover the great many advantages of paid search marketing, they also find that it can quickly become very costly. And as their number of running campaigns grows, the expenditure seems to become less predictable and more difficult to manage. To complicate things further, there are very few vendors within the search marketing industry who are offering their services as clearly defined packages.

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