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When it comes to paid search promotion, there are many issues that businesses need to address. Among the most basic considerations that company leaders must confront is the question of where to focus their efforts. Which search channel or channels will prove the most useful for the firm in question?

In most cases, this deliberation will come down to a debate between Google and Bing ads. A lot of business leaders may initially assume that they should stick exclusively with Google AdWords, and that’s often true. But for many other firms, Bing Ads also offer significant value and should be utilized instead of or in conjunction with Google.

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Paid search advertising has seen major growth in recent years. Business decision-makers in a huge range of industries now recognize that they cannot afford to ignore search as part of their broader marketing strategies, and that search engine optimization efforts are naturally complemented by paid search advertising campaigns. Significantly, research from non-profit SEMPO recently revealed that marketers are now very confident in their ability to measure the return on investment from paid search efforts, suggesting this strategy is becoming more central to marketing as a whole.

What’s more, paid search is becoming more and more powerful. Writing for The Drum, Matthew Read recently noted that Google AdWords is increasingly making it possible for marketers to incorporate live data into their paid search advertising strategies.

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The holiday season is picking up steam, and retailers across the country are ramping up their efforts to prepare for this all-important period. For a lot of companies, their performance in the coming weeks will be the major deciding factor in determining how successful they were during the year as a whole.

Given how critical the holiday season is, it’s obviously essential for retailers to step up their capabilities during this time. However, for many firms, there are a number of serious obstacles they must first overcome in order to maximize their holiday revenue. One of the most significant of these, a recent Temando survey revealed, is shipping. Put simply, many U.S. retailers do not currently have the capabilities they will need to meet holiday shoppers’ shipping expectations. 

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In October, Yahoo and Google signed an agreement which could have major implications for both search engine optimization and search engine marketing. In the past, Yahoo had an exclusive arrangement with Microsoft Bing, wherein Bing ads would appear on Yahoo searches. However, earlier this year Yahoo and Microsoft renegotiated the terms of this deal, creating the opportunity for Yahoo to look elsewhere. That led to the new arrangement with Google.

Considering the importance of SEO, SEM and paid search for today’s businesses, it’s imperative for company decision-makers to understand the implications of this partnership, as well as if or how they should adjust their strategies in light of the new search environment.

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Google AdWords has established itself as one of the most powerful and valuable resources available in the realm of online advertising. This isn’t all that surprising – after all, Google is by far the most widely used search engine on the planet, with the Google Display Network reaching about four-fifths of all Internet users in the U.S. What’s more, Google represents the default starting point for countless consumers looking for a new product or service. Any firm that can effectively leverage Google AdWords can ensure that it is prominently displayed in front of these potential customers at exactly the right time and with the right  message. The result: more site traffic, a higher conversion rate and more opportunities.

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