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The team at Core and More Technologies discusses the importance of establishing sustainable, long-term visibility across all major search engines on terms that are highly relevant to your business, and how we can help to get you there. We talk about how we function much like your investment advisor would – recommending the strongest positions for growth, the potential for risk, and the balance between all.

By this point, paid search advertising is not exactly a new development. For years now, companies have had the opportunity to invest in this strategy, which ensures that their messaging appears prominently in front of the ideal group of consumers whenever they are most interested in a relevant search term. But while many industry experts have fully embraced paid search advertising, many others have been less quick to jump on this bandwagon. There are a number of reasons why corporate decision-makers may have hesitated to leverage paid search advertising to a significant degree, but likely one of the most significant is also the simplest: Marketers have not been completely confident that these strategies were worth the cost.

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The holiday season is picking up steam, and retailers across the country are ramping up their efforts to prepare for this all-important period. For a lot of companies, their performance in the coming weeks will be the major deciding factor in determining how successful they were during the year as a whole.

Given how critical the holiday season is, it’s obviously essential for retailers to step up their capabilities during this time. However, for many firms, there are a number of serious obstacles they must first overcome in order to maximize their holiday revenue. One of the most significant of these, a recent Temando survey revealed, is shipping. Put simply, many U.S. retailers do not currently have the capabilities they will need to meet holiday shoppers’ shipping expectations. 

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Core and More Technologies presents the third in a series of video blogs – this one on our website design offerings. We have developed top quality websites for numerous corporations across the United States. Our design and development approach is driven by a 4-step process of identifying goals, then conceptualizing designs, followed by testing and implementation, and ultimately leading to the launch of another industry-leading website!

In October, Yahoo and Google signed an agreement which could have major implications for both search engine optimization and search engine marketing. In the past, Yahoo had an exclusive arrangement with Microsoft Bing, wherein Bing ads would appear on Yahoo searches. However, earlier this year Yahoo and Microsoft renegotiated the terms of this deal, creating the opportunity for Yahoo to look elsewhere. That led to the new arrangement with Google.

Considering the importance of SEO, SEM and paid search for today’s businesses, it’s imperative for company decision-makers to understand the implications of this partnership, as well as if or how they should adjust their strategies in light of the new search environment.

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There is a lot of client turnover in the realm of digital marketing and website development.  Many of these relationships start and end with a single, one-off project.  As a result, engagements are typically short-term.  However, there are sometimes exceptions to this general rule.  If a service provider truly understands its clients and can consistently deliver value, then these relationships can last much longer and blossom into mutually beneficial partnerships.

That is why Core and More Technologies is proud of the long-term relationship it has forged with Silicon Valley-based AtHoc, the world’s leading provider of networked crisis communication solutions, protecting millions of people and thousands of organizations around the world. For more than five years, Core and More Technologies has worked closely with AtHoc to deliver an array of digital marketing and design services, becoming a close-knit, trusted partner in the process.

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Google AdWords has established itself as one of the most powerful and valuable resources available in the realm of online advertising. This isn’t all that surprising – after all, Google is by far the most widely used search engine on the planet, with the Google Display Network reaching about four-fifths of all Internet users in the U.S. What’s more, Google represents the default starting point for countless consumers looking for a new product or service. Any firm that can effectively leverage Google AdWords can ensure that it is prominently displayed in front of these potential customers at exactly the right time and with the right  message. The result: more site traffic, a higher conversion rate and more opportunities.

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Trends in web design these days are hard to get away from. New, interesting layout approaches and cutting edge functionality are constantly arising and driving revisions to the web design process. One thing is for sure though, I am pleased to see that the days of glossy, glassy, gradient-esque, three-dimensional, abstract, or just simply too virtual design elements may be well behind us. Apple broke the barrier and established the standard that cleanness is essential for a good web design. What it really comes down to is that the details matter, and knowing the rules before you break them will ensure success in the design of your website.

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